Wireless Membership

Club Haus uses existing RFID enabled student or transport cards to add members. Adding a member to the club simply involves scanning a card and pressing a button. Checking memberships is as easy as tapping the card against the phone. No extra paper cards or stickers need to be printed.

Manage users

No need to maintain a mammoth spreadsheet. Club Haus lets you collect, manage member data, and leverage it when needed. You can create email alerts, send SMS notifications, generate activity reports and export data in a wide range of formats.

Event Ticketing

Create and manage event ticketing through Club Haus. Effectively remove the threat of counterfeiting or lost tickets with its management system. Membership cards can double as tickets for multiple events saving the time and energy spent on tickets.

Payment processing

Issue payment requests over SMS for membership fees, trips or events. Utilising Stripe's payment platform you can precisely manage your cash flow .Remove cash from the equation and take your club digital with Club Haus.
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